Thursday, July 24, 2014

Swim Team

We moved into the neighborhood at the end of March and by May we have signed up for swim team. the kids thought it sounded fun but were nervous about the meets. They had never had formal swim lessons and didn't know how to dive off the blocks (or dive at all for that matter). The started in the last heats and we were thrilled that they made it across the pool. By the end of the season, the kids were diving and were in the first heat. 
Before the last meet, we met up at the pool to decorate the cars and caravan over to the pool of the team we were swimming against. 

Emma Kate was always on a coaches lap between events. We didn't see her for the five hours that a meet would last. I love these bonds the kids have formed. I love our coaches and our coaches love these kids.

Yes, I am a bit biased, but I think she has the prettiest dive. 
Last night was the awards ceremony and it was a pizza party. The kids all got a participation medal. On top of that, Sam got the coaches award as he went from 5th heat to 1st and really improved a lot over the 6 weeks. Caroline got most improved in her age group. We were more than just a little proud because they really DID work hard. The coaches were dedicated and made our kids love being part of this team. We have never enjoyed a summer more!
I am so thankful for this swim team! 


We were lucky enough to have more Kansas family pass through en route to the beach. We enjoyed their company.  I hope they enjoyed our off-the-wall-loud-obnoxious-over-the-top kiddos. To say our kids were excited and in rare form was an understatement. I hope you guys loved your beach time and we cannot wait to see you all again (you will come back, won't you?).

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Luminess Airbrush Makeup

 Luminess Airbursh Makeup is just that, an at-home airbrush makeup system. I love it for many reasons: it is clean, you use very little, it looks great, and it is ideal for all skin types. While I have used Luminess airbrush make-up in the past, the skin care line is new to me and I am over the moon about it! There are a few new products, two for day (or anytime) and two for night. They made my skin soft, supple, and the make-up application even smoother. Because you only use 6 drops of each product, these bottles are going to last a very, very long time. The night time sleep serum smells divine and makes my skin feel like it did before I "grew up" (got old? got dry skin? before sun damage?). There is also a tinted moisturizer, which is sort of like a BB moisturizes and covers a little bit all in one step. I love this product!
 The airbrush make-up is  wonderful because there are several colors to blend with, which is ideal as you transition from summer skin to fall. The starter kit comes with a moisturizer, four shades within your choice (fair, medium, dark), a blush, and glow. I mixed three drops of the two darker shades to get my ideal result.
The star of the show is the airbush unit itself, the Luminess Epic. It is fool proof as it comes loaded with how-to videos to use as you apply. You literally can watch a quick video, pause it, try it, and keep on going. I watched each video as I tried each step. There is also now a holster for the airbrush wand, which wasn't included in the previous model I have tried. 
I am trying to be very brave here. I am never without make-up. When I am sick in bed with the flu, you can guarantee I still have on mascara. Posting a no-make-up picture isn't exactly fun for me, but I think it is necessary for you to see the magic of this airbrush make-up. 
So here goes...freshly washed, no make-up.
Note, my face is a few shades lighter as I am a stickler for sun-screen on my face but have "forgotten" to wear it elsewhere this summer. 
Here is what I did next:
applied 6 drops of moisturizer into the airbrush make-up wand (10-15 seconds)
applied 3 drops shade 4 make-up with 3 drops shade 5 make-up and whirled around the airbrush make-up (20-25 seconds)
applied 2 drops of the blush and hit my cheeks (10 seconds)
applied 5 drops of the glow and whirled around the entire face (15-20 seconds)
That's it. No touch-ups. No other make-up. This is an iPhone photo and hasn't been at all doctored. As you can see, using the darker foundation colors, I was able to match my skin to my neck and chest. I was able to cover up the blotchiness and uneven skin tone. There are literally about 20 drops of airbrush make-up product (serum, moisturizer, color, blush) over my entire face instead of ounces of other liquid make-up, powder, concealer, blush, etc. Note there is no make-up on my white towel. You are very much in control on where the airbrush make-up is applied and directed. 

Add some mascara and lipgloss and the look is complete. Not overdone, still very natural. It lasts all day and feels light. It honestly feels like you aren't wearing make-up at all! Less is more here. If the make-up feels dry or sticky you have used too much. If the make-up looks cakey or settles into your wrinkles (you don't have wrinkles, do you? me either), you have used to much. If you have used more than 7-8 drops, you have used FAR TOO MUCH. 

 Note: Though I don't take cash advertising on my blog, I jump at the chance to review new and exciting products. Products that I try but don't love don't make the cut (or the blog). I have reviewed for Luminess Airbrush Makeup in the past and have used it since (and have loved it) but really got excited about some new products that they are coming out with that make it even better! I was not compensated for this review or for trying out this new system.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Matt's cousin, Maranda, came out to NC for a visit and we were lucky enough to get to spend some time with her. She is a swim coach and since our kids are on a swim team it was special that she got to see a meet and help them at the pool. 
Margie brought her up for shopping and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. 
Maranda got the girls to wear their swim caps, which until her arrival was something they refused.
I love her.
We even got to have her spend the night and take her to our favorite Mexican restaurant. The kids loved having her with us and even sweet talked dessert out of us.
We loved you visiting Maranda, but have a serious complaint about your trip.

It was too short!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

4th of July

On the 4th we celebrated with family (both sides), great food, and fire works!
The majority of the day was spent with the Dellasegas out on the boat and water...BIG FUN!
My parents came over to join us for dinner...GREAT FOOD!
We then went to my parents house for fireworks...AWESOME SHOW!